The Neuroiflammation Study gruoup is taking care for two main projects:

1- Delirium in ICU: the link between neuroinflammation and functional brain alterations (fMRI)

We are performing a cross-sectional prospective study to understand the link between Biomarkers of cerebral inflammation and delirium development.

When ICU patient develop delirium we are performing a resting state fMRI and correlate its alteration with the presence of circulating brain neuroinflammation biomarkers.

2- Antibiotic Penetration in CSF of patients with an implanted External Ventricular Drainage (EVD)

Afetr the publication on Neuro Critical Care Journal of the first article entitlet : “Daptomycin Plasma and CSF Levels in Patients with Healthcare-Associated Meningitis” we are studiyng the penetration of another promizing antibiotic in the CSF: Ceftobiprole.

3- Muscle-Brain crass-talk via muscle exosomes during sepsis. Study on the pathogenesis of sepsis-related delirium and development of new treatments.


Dr. Simone Piva

Dr. Simone Piva

Dirigente Medico in Anestesia e Rianimazione.